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What Is My House Worth? How to Figure Out The Real Value of Your House

In the world of home selling, that’s a question that gets asked a lot. Sellers just need to know what to begin their asking price at, and sometimes it can be difficult to find a simple answer to the question “What is My House Worth?”. Here are five quick and easy ways to help determine what your home might be worth on today’s market and to ensure you’re not getting scammed when you start receiving offers on your home.

  • Look for An Online Value Estimator

The internet is your friend in this situation! While you shouldn’t base your entire home-selling experience on an online service like Zoopla, they’re still a great place to begin your home – pricing process. These services take in a lot of different ideas and prices from all around the UK and can give you a great place to start when selling your home. They don’t always understand your entire situation, though, and should therefore be treated with caution. Don’t take anything they say as a last word- instead, take it into consideration as you price your home.

  • Check Out What Other Homes Around You Are Selling For

Your local real estate market is one of the best places to start as you ask yourself “What is my house worth”. This demonstrates what real houses in your area are selling for right now, and therefore should demonstrate similar values to what your own house is selling for. If your house is substantially different from the rest of your neighbours’, be it in better, worse, or more grandiose shape, you can always branch out and see what homes like yours, in your general area, are selling for. Don’t restrict yourself to your neighbourhood– also look throughout your city or town, or if you live in a rural area, look for homes akin to yours within a broad scope of the countryside.

  • Talk To A Real Estate Agent

While we here at GoodMove can’t always condone using a real estate agent, we have to admit that they’re a great way to figure out a baseline price for your home. Realtors are very good at their jobs, and they have years of schooling and experience behind them. They know what your home is worth- but oftentimes, they’re likely to tell you a higher price in hopes that you’ll hire them and they’ll get a commission out of the deal. Don’t be fooled by a realtor- instead, take their prices into consideration as you continue to sell your home.

  • Don’t Get Tripped Up By Common Mistakes!

Make sure you don’t get fooled by many common mistakes when selling your home, though. Serious renovations often don’t raise the price of your home, and it can just take your hard – earned money out of your pockets. Even stranger, a new coat of paint or some pleasant-scented candles actually makes it more likely that your home will sell, because everything looks shiny and new. The prices you paid for your home shouldn’t be as much as you sell it for, either– market value fluctuates, and you should always check it before deciding on a price for your home.

  • Survey All Of Your Home-Selling Options Before Deciding

There are many different ways to sell a house, and you should be well – versed in all of them before you set a price. Consider selling with a realtor, which can net you more overall money but you also have to pay a commission and you have less freedom in how or to whom you sell your home. A cash – for – homes buyer like GoodMove is a great choice, because you can sell your home in as-is condition with minimal work and minimal input from others, but you might earn a little less money than you would with a realtor. If you’re behind on your mortgage, you might consider selling in a short sale, where your loan is forgiven as long as you sell the house.

Figuring Out The Worth of Your Home

It’s not difficult to figure out how much your home is worth, but it can take time to figure out. The easiest way to sell your home, once you’ve figured out a price, is always through a great cash – for – homes buyer like GoodMove. We can help you sell your home quickly and easily, with minimal interference from other sources. We’re excited to help you sell your home– and we can’t wait to hear from you with your new price.

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